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Twice as Hard!

Friday night with all the fresh snow I was thinking it would be a fun powder day, but my Dad was thinking of something else…. He asked me if I wanted to snow shoe up Twice As Nice to get the first run of the day in all that fresh powder? My Dad likes to joke around so at first I thought he was kidding but once I figured out he wasn’t kidding I said “ok”. That night I had a dream that it only took me 5 min to trudge up Twice As Nice but 3 hrs later I learned it was a little more work!

We met JSpin in the Timberline parking lot at 7:30am and headed up! I collapsed about 7 times along the way up– and all I was carrying was myself! It took us about an hour when JSpin usually does the trip in 15-20 min. Once there we switched to skis and decided the best powder was at SpellBinder! Not even the Ski Patrol had touched the powder here!!! I had a couple of wipeouts, my Dad had an epic fail because of a mistake (he failed to buckle the backpack with snowshoes in it) and JSpin just cruised! It was GREAT!

JSpin headed off to get the rest of the gang (E, T & D) while we tested out Adam’s Solitude. It was magical! Realizing that Wilderness just opened we headed over to play in the fun, powdery woods! We found some that nobody had been in yet– so we had to go back for a second run!

JSpin called to say the gang had arrived but we were STARVING so they caught a couple of runs before we all linked up at Timberline. JSpin led us on a tour of all the woods around Timberline– Split Rock, etc. It was the best powder EVER!! Even though we really wanted to stay I had promised T.U. to have him over so we left knowing that we would be back the next day!

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