Report Dec. 28, 2012

All together a pretty good day to go. Sadly the crowds were high and most lifts took 5-10 mints to get on.  Temp was on the chilly side with moderate winds and light to heavy powder if you know were to look.

Report Dec.15 2012

For the first day of skiing it was a fair temp. Those who did not go didn’t miss much; there were 4 different combinations you can take. The snow was a man made batch. The amount of people was surprisingly low. Over all a good day! more

All 4 Choices of Amazingness

Today there was not much to say about what we were able to do on the opening day at Bolton. There were a full 4 different combinations you could take. And even though I’m not yet on telemark skis, I still almost hugged a tree (which I would not mind having in the corner of […] more

Some News

For all my followers (yes the amazing two), I have decided that my report has really been a blog. For those who are looking for a report, well you will be getting one. At the start of the new season I will have both a ski report and a blog section describing my experiences on […] more

First sign of snow

I’mmm baackk! Yes JEE is back on the blog, and almost the slopes! This is going to be the best winter ever. I’ve got out the publication kinks so I’ll post every week. We had our first snow this morning so we should be back in the mountains soon. Sorry I don’t have any of […] more

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