B.V. for my B-Day

I decided for my birthday party to go skiing with three of my friends. We had a big sleepover on Friday night and headed for the mountain early in the morning. To warm-up we took a quick trip up Snowflake and then the choice run of the day was Spring O’Pine. Since T.U. hadn’t been on most of BV’s lifts we decided to try and hit them all! So next we rode Vista and took Sherman’s Pass to Swing followed by Work Road and then to Wilderness Liftline. We hoped to ride Wilderness but it was on wind hold so we took Abenaki Trail back to Vista. We decided to take my favorite run Cobrass on the way to Timberline. At Timberline we decided to start at mid-station where we decided that Twice As Nice would be fun. T.U. hadn’t ever skied moguls so he had a blast in the small moguls! G.S. and N.S., both experienced skiers, were having fun on the steeper parts with the bigger moguls. I was having fun because everyone else was having fun (except maybe Dad– he looked terrified!)!

After a quick snack break at the Timberline Lodge we headed up to the top of Timberline and decided to take Sure Shot to Villager. Up again and over to the main lodge for a pizza lunch. Now Wilderness was off wind hold so we headed for the mid-station and took Coyote to Work Road and then the Lift Line to the lift. A quick ride to the mid-station again and we decided to take Wilderness Liftline to Abenaki Trail and back to the lodge to pack up for swimming.

Unfortunately when we got to the Nordic Center the pool heater was broken and the pool was closed. So a quick change of plans had us heading home for Legos and cake!

The Iron Cross

Remember how in my last report I promised to meet T.U. because we were bringing him up to BV for the day? However, because sister had injured her leg on SpellBinder several weeks ago in Ski School my Dad, T.U. & HME decided to snowshoe up to Bryant Cabin while I was class. From what I heard, they had a great time (aka, a lot of falls) as Dad pulled HME up to the cabin.

Unfortunately my ski coach Heather had injured herself during the week. We took only greens and blues hoping she could recover, but before lunch she had to drop out due to the pain. With our small class (only 3 of us) our substitute coach was able to take us all over the mountain. We had a BLAST! I learned how to my first trick ever in the terrain park– an iron cross!!! Now I am working on a 180. Our day ended with a fun run through the Vista Glades.

It was a PERFECT weekend– lots of fresh powder and lots of ski time!!!

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