All 4 Choices of Amazingness

Today there was not much to say about what we were able to do on the opening day at Bolton. There were a full 4 different combinations you could take. And even though I’m not yet on telemark skis, I still almost hugged a tree (which I would not mind having in the corner of my living that is still bare and reserved for one)! It was a good day though. My dad and I were expecting a 20 minute wait for Vista, instead we had a 20 second wait. I can see that this year will be better than last (or at list a hope :/ ) so hope you have a great year too!

Some News

For all my followers (yes the amazing two), I have decided that my report has really been a blog. For those who are looking for a report, well you will be getting one. At the start of the new season I will have both a ski report and a blog section describing my experiences on the slopes. Also this year I will not only be doing downhill alpine skiing but telemarking and cross-country. So this year will be the ups and downs of telemark and about 100x the wipe outs, also this is supposedly to be a good year (but who trusts the weather men any way). So those 2 pepole who read this this will be the best year (and formula) yet!!!

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