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Two Feet of Fresh Powder

We arrived a little late this morning– 8:30am.  We decided to try and hit a jump that we failed to get a good shot of last Sunday, only today I failed to land the jump (see video below). After that we decided to take my favorite run- Cobrass.  The views were fantastic today and the snow was silky.  From there we skied over to Wilderness where we were one of the first groups up the lift.  About halfway up we had to decide where to go– Dad said lets check out Bolton Outlaw because he hadn’t been there yet this year.  I never like Bolton Outlaw but was willing to go there for Dad.  At the very end I thought to myself– “Bolton Outlaw should be outlawed”!  After that we hit Cougar and Dad took a good tumble in the powder but he was alright because he was laughing so hard.  We decided to hit the trees at the base of Cougar to get all the fresh powder.  Dad kept falling and losing his skis, but he seemed to be having a great time!  I’ve never had so much fun in the trees as I did with all this powder.

It was so much fun that we took Wilderness again, but this time got off at mid-station.  Dad stayed on his skis down Cougar and the trees were even better than the first time.  At the bottom I showed Dad the “race track” woods– he really enjoyed those!  At the lift line we met up with JSpin and his family.  Guess what they wanted to do?!  Bolton Outlaw– Dad and I looked at each other and couldn’t stop laughing!  This time I had Dad ski ahead to get some good videos (see below) of us on my least favorite trail before I led the gang over to Cougar and our new favorite woods!!  At the bottom Dad had to remove twigs that got stuck between my goggles and helmet!

We all had so much fun that we had to do it again– all except Bolton Outlaw!  We made our way to Vista for a last run of the day. JSpin wanted to show us Cobrass Woods were he worked in the summer with the glades team.  The snow was almost 3 feet deep and due to JSpin’s sawing skills the branches were out of our faces.  Dad really enjoyed these woods and wished we could have done them again but we had to head home.

I’m excited about tomorrow- -ski school and maybe 10″ of fresh powder!!!  What could be more fun!

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  1. Wow, What a great website! Lots of good info and a personal touch that brings everything close.

    Keep up the good work J.E.

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