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T.U. Back on the Slopes

Friday night T.U. came over so we could be out the door by 8 am. We hit the slopes at 8:53, and got in about 4 runs before T’s class began at 10 am.  Stephen and I got a couple runs out of Vista, including Cobrass my favorite, before we tracked down T’s class and followed him up around MidMountain. This was T’s last day of his three-day Learn to Ski pass, which gives limited access to the mountain. Somehow, T convinced his instructor to take him up Vista AFTER his lesson was over, so he could get in his first-ever trip to the top of the mountain.  He took Sherman’s Pass to Swing, to Work Road, to Wilderness Liftline, to Abenaki Trail to mid-mountain.  T said this was best run of his life!

We took a break and had lunch, then spent the rest of the afternoon on Snowflake. T was loving Foxy, a blue run, and we discovered an awesome jump, as shown below. We decided to have a competition on Lower Foxy, a trail that goes below the Snowflake lift. You have to climb up a hill to get in line for the lift.  The object was to get enough speed to see who could get the closest to the lift line without hitting anybody else already climbing the hill!

T’s previous times he didn’t want to leave, so this time we decided to stay a little bit longer and go night skiing. It was a blast.

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