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Ski School Update

When I left the house today, there was an inch of fresh snow on the ground. When we arrived at Bolton, it was snowing, and the snowing went from light to heavy to heavier to POURING. It made for some nice powder skiing. It probably wasn’t the best day for a beginner, but for anyone who has been on powder before, it was perfect.

Today I had Ridge Runners, the season long instructional ski program at Bolton. We used Snowflake and Timberline the most — Vista was on wind hold all day. We worked on reviewing skills and a few new turns. Carving (a controlled but fast turn) in the powder was really fun on Sure Shot (see green area on map – click to enlarge).

According to my friend, T.U. – a sixth-grader at Tuttle Middle School, “Skiing was good – a thin layer of powder and a few ice chunks.” This was his second lesson, and he’s doing great.

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  1. JEE, Excellent commentary on your skiing adventures. I am so proud of you. Please tell your sister I said hello and you both look great. Great work! It looks like a lot of fun.
    Take Care,

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