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Ridge Runner Moguls

As always, we started ski school with a game of tag– Heather and the rest of the class headed down Sprig O’ Pine so L. and I headed down Foxy.  Heather never caught us!

We headed up Vista to hit Hard Luck before entering Jungle Jib for some fun!  I hit the skinny butter box which I wiped out on last time and mastered it barely.  After that I felt so happy I completely forgot about the 5 foot jump ahead of me.  I hit it and barely landed it.

We headed over to Timberline and had fun on the Twice as Nice moguls.  Heather taught us how to go around them by putting our poles directly in the center of the mogul to help us make our turns.  We practiced a couple of times before heading back for lunch.

After lunch, we headed to Wilderness so Heather could work with us on our woods skills.  We then skied over to Vista when Stephen caught up with us as we were entering Vista Glades — he skied around and waited below to try and get some good pictures… unfortunately he missed my best jump of the day!

We headed back to Timberline to continue working on our moguls on Spellbinder.  Unfortunately, H. took a bad fall at the bottom of the steep part and has spent the last week on crutches.  I’m hoping in 2 weeks she will be able to join us again!

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