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Not an ordinary day at Ridge Runners (Bolton Valley’s all season ski program)– with almost 3 feet of fresh snow Heather (our instructor) was able to take us to some special (secret) places!  We started class with a round of tag on Sprig O’pine to warm up and I almost won by cutting through the woods but Heather caught me at the finish line.  My favorite run of the day– as in the title– was Preacher, a double black diamond that led us into Cobras Woods.  Lots of fresh powder there!

I am really enjoying Ridge Runners and so are my friends in other classes.  What I have noticed when people take off their face masks or bandannas is that they all (instructors and students) have a big smile on their faces!!  Each day we learn new things about skiing while practicing what we learned the class before.  Today’s focus was how to stay in control in the trees. We started by practicing in the almost-formed moguls (our pretend trees) along Showtime where we could make quick turns without hitting a “tree”.

We also watched a safety video before heading into the terrain parks.  I tried a new feature and I completely wiped out on the landing– happily there were no cameras around.  It was a long but fairly skinny “funbox“.

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  1. I’m totally impressed! I thought you would be an inventor when you grew up- but now I think a carrer in “ski writing” is in your future.

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